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Front and Back T-shirt Design image
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This T-Shirt is available in White.

$25 + shipping

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This T-Shirt is in Black.

$25 + shipping

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This T-Shirt is in Orange.

$25 + shipping

Remember to message what size T-shirt you need when ordering!


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Small Sticker

Perfect for all occasions. Size small.

$5 + shipping

Giant Pumpkin Seeds

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Giant Pumpkin Seed (misc.)

Our seeds varies year-by-year and is determined by what's in stock. Please contact us for more info.

$ Price varies

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Mash Mystery Pack

From the Giant Seed Grower Himself.

Out of Stock :(

Club Membership

1 Year membership

For more information on this item, please visit on membership page, and fill out the form.

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