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UGPG Board Members 2019
Committee Head Jim Seamons (435) 760-0325
Treasurer-Membership Coordinator Ed Dennis (801) 718-6326
Media/PR Contact Jim Seasmons (435) 760-0325
" Lindsay Bench (801) 362-8178
Club Seed Distribution David Bradley (801) 637-4082
Merchandise Jordan Rogers (801) 678-4323
" Travis Evans (801) 706-2827
Newsletter Matt McConkie (801) 458-3383
" Gordon Tanner  
Patch Tour Matt McConkie (801) 458-3383
Seed Auction Coordinator Cliff Warren  
Seed Auction Team Ben McRae (385) 242-3557
" DJ Steffler  
Seminars Kyle Fox (801) 319-9926
" Mohamed Sadiq  
Sponsorships Kyle Fox (801) 319-9926
" Matt McConkie (801) 458-3383
Website Yvonne Israelsen (801)870-3798
" Jamie Johnson  
Weigh-Off Team 2019
Weigh-off Coordinator Ben McRae (385) 242-3557
Weigh-off Coordinator Assistant Kyle Fox (801) 319-9926
Other Veggie Weigh-off Coordinator Dale Thurber
Weigh-off Info/Membership Table Ed & Laurel Dennis  
Weigh-off Registration/Records Table Yvonne Israelsen, Travis Evans  
Weigh-off Merchandise Booth Jordan Rogers  
Weigh-off Judges Carrie Fox, Andrew Israelsen, Mohamed Sadiq  
Weigh-off Leaderboard  
Weigh-off Pumpkins Moving Coordinators Clint Nash, Brent Evans  
Weigh-off Fork Lift Operator Tobias Peterson, Bill Montalvo  
Weigh-off Lifting Crew Gordon Tanner, James Pruet, Chris Empey  
Weigh-off Photographers Dan Farr, Richard Glassford, Kyle Clark  
Weigh-off Scales Ben McRae  
If you're a grower and would like to volunteer as part of the weigh-off team, please contact Ben McRae or Kyle Fox.

About The UGPG

On February 19th, 2005 the UGPG was organized. The founding members decided they needed to have more control over the Weigh-Off�s (which up to that point were being held and sponsored by other businesses and organizations) as well as pumpkin growing in the State of Utah. Gordon Tanner was elected as the first president, with Andrew Israelsen as Vice President, Kevin Card as Sponsorship Coordinator and Ray B. Tolman as Membership-Sponsorship Coordinator. There were 10 founding members.

UGPG Founders Meeting
UGPG Founders: Bruce Orchard, Ray Tolman, Andrew Israelsen, Jim Larkin, Scott Nelson, Shirley & Ross Fullmer, Gordon Tanner - Taking Picture: Brent Wolfley - Not Pictured: Kenny Blair, Kevin Card

Our organization was made up of a group of ordinary people who enjoy growing Giant Pumpkins. One of our goals was to promote the hobby of growing Giant Pumpkins. The UTAH GIANT PUMPKIN GROWERS set and adopted standards, guidelines and rules so as to make growing and weighing Giant Pumpkins fair for everyone.